18119 :מק"ט

מפצל HDMI 1X4 4K , כניסה אחת לארבע יציאות מסך,מגיע עם ספק כח.

הורדת מפרט טכני
• This HDMI splitter distributes 1 way HDMI signal from STB, DVD 
  Blu-ray players or PS3 etc.to 4 ways identical HDMI signals to connect to projector,DLP,
  LCD or other HD displays simultaneously. Its supported resolutions id up to 4K@60Hz and HDCP2.2,
  specifications It´s compatible with HDMI 3D
• Distribute 1 HDMI source to 4 HDMI displays
• Supports resolution up to ultra HD 4K×2K@60Hz
• Support highest bandwidth up to 18Gpbs
• Support HDMI 3D
• Plug and play, easy to use
• Good Compatibility
• Metal heat sink design, works more stably
• HDMI2.0 and HDCP2.0 compliant
• Includes 5V DC external power supply

HDR Splitter  Item 
18119  Model 
 1 X HDMI  Input Ports 
 4 X HDMI  Outpur Ports 
Compatible with DVI1.0, HDMI1.4,HDMI2.0  HDMI Version 
 Compatible with HDCP1.4,HDCP2.2  HDCP Version 
 Support 12 bit full HD video, 3D video
 Stream Digital)and HD (HBR) audio  
Video form 
5Vp-p(TTL)      Input and output DDC signal 
Support standard audio and DSD(Direct Stream Digital)  and HD (HBR)  audio  Audio 
480i/480p/ 756i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p/4kx2k@24/25/30/60Hz  HDMI Resolutions 
 0.5~ 1.5Vp-p(TM DS) Input and Output TMDS Signal 
 5Vp-p (TTL)  Input and Output DDS Signal 
0C~60C   Working Temperature 
DC5V/2A  Power supply 
 < 8W Power consumption 
 25MHz~600MHz Frequency Range 
196g  Weight 
Black  Color