Sound monitor CCTV microphone

04004 :מק"ט

הורדת מפרט טכני
• Using split block design easy to install and demount.
• Built-in Imported chips, high sensitivity, beauty voice.
• Integrated import front audio amplifier, microphone can drive
directly Active speaker, DVR and recorder.
• Using echo eliminate technology, effectively reduce the echo.
• Suit for place such as police, court, meeting room. Interrogation room, bank, etc.
• Monitoring range: 10-100sqm (adjustable)
• Working voltage: 12 V DC regulated power
• Supply current: 20mA
• Transmission distance: up to 3000meters
• Sensitivity Reduction: -35db
• Signal Noise Ratio: 70db
• Frequency response: 20hz to 20KHz
• Connecting way: red line--power, black line - ground wires, white line -- audio.
• Weight: 80g (Size: 95mm*95mm*30mm)
• Red Line method: power+
• Black Line: power-
• I core shield wire: audio system input port
Electronically parameter:
• Power supply: DC6V~~12V
• Dissipation circuit: 10mA
• Frequency response: 300~5500Hz. Output signal.
• Output impedance: 600?
• Out level: 0~6
• Temperature: -250C ~ 850C, Humidity: 30-90%
• Cover matirial and specification
• Size: (L)75 x (W)50 x (H)30mm